• Listing of major outputs

Listing of major outputs

April 2011 – March 2012

Cross government work

Managing risks in government
(No HC number)

Lessons from PFI and other projects
HC 920

Landscape review: Formula funding of local public services
HC 1290

Identifying and meeting central government’s skills requirements
HC 1276

Means Testing
HC 1464

A snapshot of the Government’s ICT profession in 2011
(No HC number)

Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General: Whole of Government Accounts 2009-10
HC 1601

Implementing the Government ICT Strategy: six-month review of progress
HC 1594

Digital Britain One: Shared infrastructure and services for government online
HC 1589

The Government Procurement Card
HC 1828

Managing early departures in central government
HC 1795

Efficiency and reform in government corporate functions through shared service centres
HC 1790

Improving the efficiency of central government office property
HC 1826

Cost reduction in central government: summary of progress
HC 1788

Reorganising central government bodies
HC 1703


The BBC’s efficiency programme
(No HC number)

Business, innovation and skills

Protecting consumers – the system for enforcing consumer law
HC 1087

Shared services in the Research Councils
HC 1459

Reducing bureaucracy in further education in England
HC 1590

Adult apprenticeships
HC 1787

Communities and local government

The mortgage rescue scheme
HC 1030

The failure of the FiReControl project
HC 1272

Culture, media and sport

Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Progress report December 2011
HC 1596


The cost-effective delivery of an armoured vehicle capability
HC 1029

Carrier Strike
HC 1092

Carrier Strike: Supplementary Report
HC 1657

Ministry of Defence: The Major Projects Report 2011
HC 1520

Managing change in the Defence workforce
HC 1791


Oversight of financial management in local authority maintained schools
HC 1517

Oversight of special education for young people aged 16-25
HC 1585

Delivering the free entitlement to education for three- and four-year-olds
HC 1789

Energy and climate change

Preparations for the roll-out of smart meters
HC 1091

Carbon capture and storage: lessons from the competition for the first UK demonstration
HC 1829

Environment, food and rural affairs

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Geographic information strategy
HC 1274

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Managing front line delivery costs
HC 1279

Flood Risk Management in England
HC 1521

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Financial Management Report 2011 HC 1593


Transforming NHS ambulance services
HC 1086

Establishing social enterprises under the Right to Request Programme
HC 1088

The National Programme for IT in the NHS: an update on the delivery of detailed care records systems
HC 888

Achievement of Foundation Trust status by NHS hospital trusts
HC 1516

The Care Quality Commission: Regulating the quality and safety of health and adult social care
HC 1665

Services for people with neurological conditions
HC 1586

HM Revenue and customs

HM Revenue & Customs 2010-11 report and accounts
(No HC number)

PaceSetter: HMRC’s programme to improve business operations
HC 1280

Reducing Costs in HM Revenue & Customs
HC 1278

The expansion of online filing of tax returns
HC 1457

HMRC The compliance and enforcement programme
HC 1588

HM Revenue and Customs Renewed Alcohol Strategy: A progress report
HC 1702

HM Treasury

Equity investment in privately financed projects
HC 1792

Home Affairs

Immigration: The Points Based System – Student Route
HC 1827

Mobile technology in policing
HC 1765


Crown Prosecution Service: the introduction of the Streamlined Process
HC 1584

Ministry of Justice: Financial Management Report 2011
HC 1591

Overseas affairs

Department for International Development – Financial Management Report
HC 820

DFID: Transferring Cash & Assets to the poor
HC 1587

Review of the Conflict Pool
(No HC number)


Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority: the payment of MPs’ expenses
HC 1273


Department for Transport: Local Authority Major Capital Schemes
(No HC number)

Reducing costs in the Department for Transport
HC 1700

The completion and sale of High Speed 1
HC 1834

Work and pensions

Reducing costs in the Department for Work and Pensions
HC 1089

Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission: cost reduction
HC 1793

The introduction of the Work Programme
HC 1701

April 2010 – March 2011

Cross government studies

The Efficiency and Reform Group’s role in improving public sector value for money
HC 887

Managing staff costs in central government
HC 818

Progress in improving financial management in government
HC 487

Information and Communications Technology in government. Landscape Review
HC 757

Delivering regulatory reform
HC 758

The impact of the 2007-08 changes to public service pensions
HC 662

Ofcom: The effectiveness of converged regulation
HC 490

Central Government’s use of consultants and interims
HC 488

Taking the measure of government performance
HC 284

Assessing the impact of proposed new policies
HC 185

PFI in housing
HC 71

Managing the impact of changes in the value of the euro on EU funds
HC 759


The BBC’s management of the costs of producing continuing drama
(No HC number)

The BBC’s management of its Digital Media Initiative
(No HC number)

Business, innovation and skills

Regulating financial sustainability in higher education
HC 816

Communities and local government

Reducing the cost of procuring Fire and Rescue Service vehicles and specialist equipment
HC 285

Culture, media and sport

Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Financial Management
HC 821

Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Progress report February 2011
HC 756

Increasing participation in sport
HC 22


MOD: The use of information to manage the logistics supply chain
HC 827

Management of the Typhoon Project
HC 755

Strategic financial management of the defence budget
HC 290

Ministry of Defence: The Major Projects Report 2010
HC 489

A defence estate of the right size to meet operational needs
HC 70 A


Getting value for money from the education of 16 to 18 year olds
HC 823

Educating the next generation of scientists
HC 492

Department for Education: The Academies Programme
HC 288

Energy and climate change

Government funding for developing renewable energy technologies
HC 35

Environment, farming and rural Affairs

Tackling diffuse water pollution in England
HC 188


Managing high value capital equipment in the NHS in England
HC 822

The procurement of consumables by NHS acute and Foundation trusts
HC 705

National Health Service Landscape Review
HC 708

Management of NHS hospital productivity
HC 491

Delivering the Cancer Reform Strategy
HC 568

Tackling inequalities in life expectancy in areas with the worst health and deprivation
HC 186

The performance and management of hospital PFI contracts
HC 68

HM Revenue and customs

Managing civil tax investigations
HC 677

HM Revenue & Customs: Engaging with tax agents
HC 486

HM Revenue & Customs 2009-10 Accounts: Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General
(No HC number)

HM Revenue & Customs: The efficiency of National Insurance administration
HC 184

HM Treasury

Stewardship of the wholly-owned banks: buy-back of subordinated debt
HC 706

HM Treasury: The Asset Protection Scheme
HC 567

Maintaining the financial stability of UK banks: update on the support schemes
HC 676

Financing PFI projects in the credit crisis and the Treasury’s response
HC 287

Progress with VFM savings and lessons for cost reduction programmes
HC 291

Financial management in the European Union
HC 34

Home affairs

Immigration: the Points Based System – Work Routes
HC 819


The youth justice system in England and Wales: Reducing offending by young people
HC 663

Ministry of Justice Financial Management Report
HC 187

Cafcass’s response to increased demand for its services
HC 289

Overseas affairs

Spending reduction in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
HC 826

DFID: Bilateral Support to Primary Education
HC 69


Regulating Network Rail’s efficiency
HC 828

The Intercity East Coast passenger rail franchise
HC 824

Procurement of the M25 private finance contract
HC 566

Increasing passenger rail capacity
HC 33

Work and pensions

Reducing losses in the benefits system caused by customers’ mistakes
HC 704

Minimising the cost of administrative errors in the benefit system
HC 569

The Community Care grant
HC 286

Support to incapacity benefits claimants through Pathways to Work
HC 21


April 2009 – March 2010

Business and industry

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: support to business during a recession
HC 490

UK Trade & Investment: trade support
HC 297

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: helping over-indebted consumers
HC 292

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: venture capital support to small businesses
HC 23

Central Finance and Treasury

Maintaining financial stability across the United Kingdom’s banking system
HC 91

Communities, regions and regeneration

Financial management in the Department for Communities and Local Government
HC 293

Regenerating the English Regions: Regional Development Agencies’ support to physical regeneration projects
HC 214

The Decent Homes Programme
HC 212

Regenerating the English coalfields
HC 84

Cross-government and public administration

Commercial skills for complex government projects
HC 962

Government cash management
HC 546

Measuring up: how good are the Government’s data systems for monitoring performance against Public Service Agreements? Fifth Validation Compendium Report reviewing data systems underpinning 2008-11 Public Service Agreements
HC 465

Reorganising central government
HC 452

The cost of public service pensions
HC 432

Addressing the environmental impacts of Government procurement
HC 420

Independent reviews of value for money savings reported by the Department for Transport and the Home Office
HC 86

Culture, media and sport

Defence Support to High Intensity Operations
HC 508

Delivering multi-role tanker aircraft capability
HC 433

Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: progress report February 2010
HC 298

Treating injury and illness arising on military operations
HC 294

Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2009
HC 85

Promoting participation with the historic environment
HC 22


Train to Gain: developing the skills of the workforce
HC 879

Partnering for school improvement
HC 822

The Customer First Programme: delivery of student finance
HC 296

Financial management in the Department for Children, Schools and Families
HC 267

Environment, sustainability and rural affairs

A second progress update on the administration of the Single Payment Scheme by the Rural Payments Agency
HC 880

Defra’s organic agri-environment scheme
HC 513

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: reducing the impact of business waste through the Business Resource Efficiency and Waste Programme
HC 216

Law, order and central institutions

Home Office: management of major projects
HC 489

Managing offenders on short custodial sentences
HC 431

National Offender Management Service: maintenance of the prison estate in England and Wales
HC 300

Financial management in the Home Office
HC 299

Tackling problem drug use
HC 297

The Procurement of criminal legal aid in England and Wales by the Legal Services Commission
HC 29

National health service

Young people’s sexual health: the National Chlamydia Screening Programme
HC 963

Services for people with rheumatoid arthritis
HC 823

Reducing healthcare associated infections in hospitals in England
HC 560

Supporting people with autism through adulthood
HC 556

Progress in improving stroke care
HC 291

Major trauma care in England
HC 213

Improving dementia services in England – an interim report
HC 82

Other reports

The BBC’s management of its coverage of major sporting and music events

The BBC’s management of three major estates projects

(Both of these reports are published by the BBC Trust.)

Overseas affairs

Department for International Development: Aid to Malawi
HC 964

Public Private Partnership Department for Transport: the failure of Metronet
HC 512

Adapting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s global estate to the modern world
HC 295

Financial management in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
HC 289

The sale of the Government’s interest in British Energy
HC 215


Complying with regulation – business perceptions survey 2009
HC 1028

BERR’s oversight of the Post Office Network Change Programme
HC 558

Revenue departments

HM Revenue & Customs: dealing with the tax obligations of older people
HC 961

HM Revenue & Customs: managing variations in workload
HC 507

HM Revenue and Customs: handling telephone enquiries
HC 211

HM Revenue & Customs’ estate private finance deal eight years on
HC 30

HM Revenue and Customs 2008-09 Accounts: the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Standard Report


Highways Agency: contracting for highways maintenance
HC 959

Improving road safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Great Britain
HC 437

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency: enforcement of regulations on commercial vehicles
HC 210

Work and pensions

Review of errors in Guaranteed Minimum Pension Payments
HC 878

Department of Work and Pensions: communicating with customers
HC 421

Department for Work and Pensions: management of benefit overpayment debt
HC 294

Department for Work and Pensions: Pension Protection Fund
HC 293

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