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Departments of the Chancellor of the Exchequer: HM Customs and Excise Appropriation Account 1999 – 2000

The National Audit Office today reported the results of their examination of HM Customs and Excise’s systems to ensure the systems provide an effective check on the assessment, collection and allocation of tax revenue during the year ending 31 March 2000. The report includes details of a serious breakdown of controls in Customs which contributed … Read more

Inland Revenue Appropriation Accounts 1999 – 2000

The Inland Revenue continued to provide an effective check over the assessment, collection and allocation of tax during the year 1999-00, according to the National Audit Office.   A report to Parliament today by Comptroller and Auditor General Sir John Bourn points out that the Inland Revenue collected almost £200 billion tax and national insurance … Read more

CandAG’s Report on Accounts: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Appropriation Accounts 1999-2000

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, today reported to Parliament on how the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)1 successfully avoided millennium-compliance problems when replacing its computerised vehicles system, although the project took twice the anticipated timescale to complete.   The report details the project management problems encountered by the DVLA in … Read more

Education Action Zones: Meeting the Challenge – The Lessons Identified From Auditing the First 25 Zones

The Department for Education and Employment took reasonable steps to mitigate the financial risks that were inherent in the new Education Action Zones programme, according to a National Audit Office report today. The report warns, however, that the DfEE and the zones must remain vigilant to avoid financial irregularities or improprieties which could detract from … Read more

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport: The Re-negotiation of the PFI-type Deal for the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, reported to Parliament today that the Royal Armouries* in July 1999 successfully negotiated a revised deal with Royal Armouries (International) plc** (“RAI”) which ensured that the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds remained open. The revised deal has also made it possible for the future redevelopment of … Read more

The Sale of Part of the UK Gold Reserves

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, reported to Parliament today that the Treasury had successfully met its objective to sell part of the UK’s gold reserves in a transparent and fair manner while achieving value for money. He also said that the Treasury’s agents, the Bank of England, had kept the gold … Read more

Modernising Construction

The urgent need for change in how government departments and agencies procure and manage new construction projects, currently worth some £7.5 billion a year, is highlighted today in a National Audit Office report. It concludes that there is now no excuse for government clients and the industry to fail to take advantage of readily available … Read more

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets: Giving Domestic Customers a Choice of Electricity Supplier

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, told Parliament today that since electricity supply competition began in September 1998 more than 6.5 million customers – one in four – have saved money by changing supplier. Domestic electricity customers as a whole have seen their electricity bills fall by some £750 million a year since … Read more