Progress with the Road Investment Strategy

The first Road Investment Strategy represents an important step forward towards better long-term planning of the strategic road network. However, the speed with which it was put together created risks to deliverability, affordability and value for money.

Local support for people with a learning disability

Good progress has been made by the Department of Health and NHS England in setting up a programme to close hospital beds for people with a learning disability, but the programme is not yet on track to achieve value for money. The report examines how the NHS in England and local authorities seek to improve the lives of the 129,000 people aged 18 to 64 who use local authority learning disability support services.

Appointment of new NAO Executive Leaders

The National Audit Office today announces the appointment of four new members to its Leadership Team. This follows the appointment of Abdool Kara who joined the Leadership Team on 27 February 2017 as Executive Leader with strategic oversight of our work relating to local service delivery. The Leadership team is the executive group responsible for … Read more

Review of the Thames Tideway Tunnel

This report examines the evidence base supporting the decision to proceed with the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a tunnel running 25 kilometres from Acton to Abbey Mills, as well as progress achieved to date.

Capital funding for schools

The Department must make the best use of the capital funding it has available by continuing to increase the use of data to inform its funding decisions and by creating places where it can demonstrate that they will have the greatest impact.

Investigation into the Department for International Development’s approach to tackling fraud

The NAO has conducted an investigation into DFID’s approach to tackling fraud, following an increase in the potential risks after the government committed to spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid.

Health and social care integration

The Better Care Fund has not achieved the expected value for money, in terms of savings, outcomes for patients or hospital activity.