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Appointment of Dame Clare Tickell to the NAO Board

The Public Accounts Commission has appointed Dame Clare Tickell as a non-executive member of the National Audit Office Board. Dame Clare Tickell is CEO of Hanover Housing Association, one of the UK’s leading national providers of housing and services for older people and was previously chief executive of Action for Children. She qualified as a … Read more

The Ministry of Defence’s arrangement with Annington Property Limited

The Ministry of Defence (the Department) has committed itself to annual rental bills of nearly £200 million and lost out on billions of pounds of asset value as a result of selling and leasing back the majority of its married quarters estate to Annington Property Limited in 1996 because of the subsequent steep increase in house prices and rents.

Launch of the NAO – University of Birmingham Tax Centre

The National Audit Office (NAO) and University of Birmingham have announced the establishment of the National Audit Office–University of Birmingham Tax Centre – a collaboration to inform improvements in the administration of the tax system.   The NAO-University of Birmingham Tax Centre will bring together both practical and academic expertise using economic, financial and legal evidence, … Read more

PFI and PF2

A briefing on the rationale, costs and benefits of the Private Finance Initiative; the use of and impact of PFI, and ability to make savings from operational contracts; and the introduction of PF2. There are currently over 700 operational PFI and PF2 deals, with a capital value of around £60 billion and annual charges for these deals amounted to £10.3 billion in 2016-17. Even if no new deals are entered into, future charges which continue until the 2040s amount to £199 billion.

18 January 2018