Delivering Quality Offender Health Provision (23 Jan)

Date: Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Time: 08:45 for 09:30 – 16:00
Venue: Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT


This Forum will explore what works and examine future challenges when delivering offender health services in an evolving reform environment. Attendees will learn from those achieving excellence in healthcare provision for offenders in a range of settings, and examine innovative partnership and multi-agency approaches. Participants will also gain insights from prisons and their healthcare provider partners at the forefront of commissioning high quality services that deliver parity of esteem in practice for mental and physical health.

Our 2017 Mental health in prisons report provides key background to this Forum. In it we estimated that the total spend on healthcare within adult prisons was approximately £400 million in 2016-17, but we found that government does not know how many people in prison have a mental illness, how much it is spending on mental health in prisons or whether it is achieving its objectives. It is therefore hard to see how the government can be achieving value for money in its efforts to improve the mental health and well being of prisoners. We found that the quality of clinical care is generally good for those who can access it, but that the significant rise in prisoner suicide and self-harm over the last five years suggests a decline in mental health and well-being overall. We concluded that improving the mental health of those in prison will require a step change in effort and resources.


Oliver Lodge, NAO Director for Justice Value for Money, will give a keynote speech on ‘Striving to Raise Standards of Mental Health Care Within Prisons’, covering:

  • Conclusions from our Mental Health in Prisons Report
  • The current landscape of commissioning of mental healthcare delivered within prisons
  • Examples of best practice in mental healthcare within prisons
  • Looking to the future: the potential next steps to improve mental healthcare within prisons


For further information and to book your place, visit the Inside Government website.