Reducing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping (25 Oct)

Reducing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping: Working in Partnership to Support the Most Vulnerable

Date: Wednesday 25th October 2017
Time: 10:15am — 4:30pm
Venue: Strand Palace Hotel

With the recent passage of the Homelessness Reduction Act, this symposium will offer local housing authorities, health, well being and social care professionals, third sector organisations, mental health practitioners, and criminal justice bodies with a timely and invaluable opportunity to engage with existing reforms and tackle the structural factors underpinning current levels of homelessness.

It will also provide all delegates with an opportunity to share best practice and reinvigorate local homelessness strategies to improve homelessness prevention, local service provision, and cross boundary joint working.

NAO Director Aileen Murphie is speaking

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