Seminar: personal health budgets (28 Mar)

Westminster Health Forum: Next steps for personal health and social care budgets: challenges for widening implementation and financial sustainability

Tuesday 28 March, Central London

Policymakers and stakeholders at this seminar will discuss next steps and challenges for widening the implementation of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs).

Planned areas for discussion include the renewed commitment to widening PHBs outlined in the NHS England Business Plan, the impact of Local Sustainability and Transformation Plans on implementation, and the role of ‘local offers’ between CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards in improving flexibility and person-centered care.

Delegates will also consider priorities for the Integrated Personal Commissioning framework, challenges for CCGs in following Shared Planning Guidance to widen participation, the impact on newly covered areas such as mobility and maternity, improving provider models to meet patient needs, and challenges for ensuring that PHBs remain cost effective.

NAO Director Aileen Murphie is speaking

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