Westminster Health Forum: Key issues in clinical negligence (14 Sept)

Key issues in clinical negligence: funding, early intervention and the future of NHS Resolution

Morning, Thursday, 14th September 2017

Central London

This seminar will assess key issues for reducing clinical negligence, including the role of NHS Resolution.

It comes as the Government outlines plans for a draft Patient Safety Bill in the Queen’s Speech, which will bring forward proposals to establish the Health Service Safety Investigation Body in statute, providing it with clear powers to conduct independent and impartial investigations.

Delegates will consider the implementation of NHS Resolution’s five year strategy Delivering fair resolution and learning from harm, which sets out objectives for prevention, improving safety, resolving concerns fairly and managing NHS resources effectively.

Attendees will also discuss the expected NAO report on managing the costs of clinical negligence in trusts, and moves to reduce costs associated with claims – as well as the results of the Department of Health’s recently concluded consultation on a Rapid Resolution and Redress (RRR) compensation scheme for families affected by severe birth injury, which proposed consistent, robust and independent investigations.

The potential impact of the Department of Health’s proposal to introduce a Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC) scheme for lower value clinical negligence claims, in order to ensure a swifter resolution and to improve future clinical practice will also be considered.

NAO Director Jenny George is speaking

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