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    The PAC hearing – the fruition of our value for money work

  • Posted on August 16, 2013 by

    The NAO graduate blog has asked Usmaan Hussain, one of the NAO’s 2013 summer interns, to write a post for us. Below Usmaan shares his thoughts and impressions of a recent visit to the Public Accounts Committee.   

    Chairs in Parliament
    A few examples of phrases used by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC):

    “You do evil.” “Vampire-death squid!” “No-one here can answer that! Why?”

    As you can imagine, a PAC hearing can be quite enjoyable. Besides attempting to squeeze your face into the view of the camera, listening and watching the panel of witnesses attempting to conjure up an answer under immense pressure can be quite an experience in itself. To be fair, you have Margaret Hodge’s eyes searing in the witnesses! Then you have Richard Bacon who remains composed and is one to be reckoned with! His line of questioning is no doubt well thought out and one that catches out even the most senior of business figures!  Additionally, knowing that thousands of people are watching can be exceptionally intimidating, although some have handled themselves really well. more… The PAC hearing – the fruition of our value for money work


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