Charlotte Orr (Second year trainee, Newcastle office)

Charlotte OrrDuring my second year as a trainee, I had the opportunity to lead the final audit of one of the accounts I was working on, which meant I was managing both my own work load and also that of other trainees assigned to the audit.

This was a challenging time as we were on site in Blackpool and had strict deadlines to work to. As the account was published, there were also additional certification steps we needed to complete as well as adhering to the audit timetable. With the help and support of my manager, I managed to finish all the fieldwork on site, answer the review points of my Director and complete the publication steps.

At the end of the audit, there was a great deal of satisfaction that we had managed to complete the audit to time, particularly as this was my first experience of leading an audit! The client also appreciated the extra work we had put in to ensure that the audit was completed on time. Despite being a bit daunted at first, this was a fantastic learning opportunity for me and gave me the confidence to lead challenging work in the future.