Shelagh Dale (First year trainee, Parliament Financial)

Shelagh DaleOne of the audits I work on in the Parliament team is the House of Commons Administration, auditing the running of the House of Commons. As a first year trainee, my main responsibility was to check that physical assets which the House records as owning in its financial statements actually exist. The list of items that I had to test included Big Ben (which is actually the name of the bell rather than the tower itself). I had to climb up the clock tower which involved a lot of stairs and when we got to the top there were amazing views across London. By seeing Big Ben, I was able to confirm that a very valuable asset on the House’s accounts did exist. This along with the other asset testing which was carried out provided assurance over the House’s asset list and the figure for assets in the House’s accounts.

This testing will support the C&AG’s opinion on whether the House of Commons Administration’s financial statements gave a true and fair account of its financial position at 31 March 2014.