Our impact

Being a graduate trainee at the NAO gives you unique access to people, places and experiences that you would not get working anywhere else. The perspective we have across the public sector landscape is unique and the assurance we provide to Parliament and the taxpayers has a positive impact on vital public services.

Join us as a graduate trainee and you will play a key role in delivering work which….

…saves public money.

  • Savings to the public purse of £1.21 billion in 2015.
  • £19 of financial impacts for every £1 the NAO spends.

…leads to positive change.

We influence government directly through our work with departments, and through our support to the Committee of Public Accounts (PAC).

  • 98% of the bodies we audit say they would actively seek our feedback on accounting and financial control issues.
  • 94% of our recommendations have been or are being implemented.
  • 82% of PAC recommendations, arising from our work, are accepted by government.
  • 85% of our audited bodies agree that our work is of high quality.

“To put it bluntly, our Parliament is a better Parliament for the existence of the NAO. And this country is a better governed country for each and every one of you.” – Stephen Philips QC MP, Committee of Public Accounts

Where our work has made a difference

NAO improvement case studies 2015-16