What we do

There are five main strands to our work.

Financial audit

Each year we audit the financial statements of all central government departments, agencies and other public sector bodies and report the results to Parliament. We give assurance to Parliament on whether financial statements give a true and fair view and that public funds have been spent for the purposes approved by Parliament.

Trainees play an important role in our audits. You will work closely with clients, often liaising with senior members of the department to gather information and run tests on the data received to inform our findings. Having developed your audit skills and knowledge you will play a part in mentoring the next generation of trainees and develop your managerial and leadership potential along the way.

Value-for-money audit

We give Parliament independent information and analysis of the effectiveness of public spending across a wide range of government programmes, initiatives and public services.

We publish around 60 VFM reports per year and our recommendations can identify risks in projects and help avoid costly mistakes in the future as well as assessing whether they are value for money for the taxpayer.

Trainees benefit from opportunities to work on these high profile reports, spending 20-30% of the year on VFM work. You will perform research and other tasks to amass knowledge of what goes into producing reports respected throughout government for their rigour.

Insight and investigation

Through our insight and investigation work we report on emerging risks and respond to public concerns and those raised by Members of Parliament. We also analyse financial and performance data to identify risks and systemic issues across government.


We provide the Committee of Public Accounts with a range of reports, briefings and analysis to support their inquiries into the value for money of public spending. We support other select committees’ annual reviews of government departments and report on any issues where we have relevant expertise.


We are the external auditor of several international organisations and provide technical and managerial advice to a wide range of supreme audit institutions and public accounts committees. This includes contributing to the development of international standards in public sector audit and accountancy.

“We strive to be independent, authoritative, collaborative and fair. These values reinforce all our work and the way that we engage with our audiences in government, Parliament and the public sector.”