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Velodrome and Olympic visitorsThe National Audit Office has produced six reports on preparations for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

These reports have looked at progress across the Olympic programme, including delivery of the venues and infrastructure required for the Games, planning for Games-time operations, planning and delivery of the promised legacy, and the costs of the Games.

In addition, the NAO produced one report in 2008 about preparations for sporting success at London 2012 and beyond.

Recent work

In our recent Progress report December 2011, we found the Olympic Delivery Authority remains on course to deliver its work on the Olympic Park on time, within budget and to the standard required. On current projections, however, almost the whole of the £9.298 billion Public Sector Funding Package for the 2012 Games is likely to be required, with little scope for further unforeseen costs to emerge in the eight months left.

Response to our work

The table below lists all the National Audit Office Reports. We have also included links, where they exist, to follow up work by the Public Accounts Committee and HM Treasury.

More information on the Accountability cycle

Our work on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games


National Audit Office reports on London 2012

Parliament’s report

The Government’s response

2012 The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: post-Games review
2011 Progress report December 2011 74th PAC report 2010-1 2 (pdf – 807KB) Treasury Minute: Progress report December 2011 (pdf – 376KB)
2011 Progress report February 2011
2010 Progress report February 2010 28th PAC report 2009-10 (pdf – 635KB) Treasury Minute: Progress report February 2010 (pdf – 1084KB)
2008 Progress report June 2008 50th PAC report 2007-08 (pdf – 1309KB) Treasury Minute: Progress report June 2008 (pdf – 344KB)
2008 Preparing for Sporting Success at London 2012 and Beyond 42nd PAC report 2007-08 (pdf – 371KB) Treasury Minute: Preparing for Sporting Success at London 2012 and Beyond (pdf – 344KB)
2007 The budget for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games 14th PAC report 2007-08 Treasury Minute: The budget for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (pdf – 111KB)
2007 Risk assessment and management 39th PAC report 2006-07 (pdf – 887KB) Treasury Minute: Risk assessment and management (pdf – 391KB)

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