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NAO reports from the 1998-1999 session onwards are available on the Publications page. Reports from the 1985-86 session are listed below and can be emailed on request to the webmaster at or via our Enquiry Helpdesk on 020 7798 7264.

Reports are ordered in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

October 1986

  • The Financial Management Initiative (HC 588)

July 1986

  • Financial Reporting to Parliament (HC 576)
  • Efficiency of Nationalised Industries: References to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (HC 574)
  • Ministry of Defence: Control and Management of the Development of Major Equipment (HC 568)
  • Recovery of Social Security Benefits When Damages In Tort Are Awarded (HC 553)
  • Department of the Environment and Welsh Office: Sponsorship of Non-departmental Public Bodies (HC 534)


June 1986

  • Ministry of Defence: Management of Work at Research Establishments (HC 462)
  • Ministry of Defence: Service Movements (HC 441)
  • National Health Service: Level of Charges for Private Resident Patients (HC 432)


May 1986

  • Department of the Environment: Control of Local Authorities’ Capital Expenditure (HC 395)


April 1986

  • Ministry of Defence: Financial Arrangements for the Provision of Meteorological Services (HC 360)
  • Inland Revenue Department: Life Assurance Premium Relief at Source (LAPRAS) and Mortgage Interest Relief at Source (MIRAS) (HC 358)
  • Department of Transport: Evasion and Enforcement of Vehicle Excise Duty (HC 348)
  • Financial Control and Accountability of the Metropolitan Police (HC 347)


March 1986

  • The Rayner Scrutiny Programmes, 1979 to 1983 (HC 322)
  • Department of Trade and Industry: Assistance to British Shipbuilders (HC 304)


February 1986

  • Departments of Energy, Transport and Trade and Industry: Effectiveness of Government Financial Controls over the Nationalised Industries (HC 253)
  • National Health Service: Preventive Medicine (HC 229)
  • Value for Money Developments in the National Health Service (HC 212)
  • Department of the Environment, Scottish Office and Welsh Office: Enterprise Zones (HC 209)


January 1986

  • Property Services Agency: Court Accommodation Programme for the Lord Chancellor’s Department (HC 189)
  • Lord Chancellor’s Department: Provision of Legal Aid in England and Wales (HC 182)
  • Arrangements for Intervention Commodity Stockholding in the United Kingdom (HC 171)

December 1985

  • Home Office and Property Services Agency: Programme for the Provision of Prison Places (HC 135)