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NAO reports from the 1998-1999 session onwards are available on the Publications page. Reports from the 1994-95 session are listed below and can be emailed on request to the webmaster at or via our Enquiry Helpdesk on 020 7798 7264.

Reports are ordered in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

November 1995

  • The National Library of Scotland: Quality of Service and Safeguarding the Collections (HC 812)
  • BBC World Service (HC 811)
  • Overseas Development Administration: Health and Population Overseas Aid (HC 782)
  • Planning for Change: National Audit Office Examinations of Value for Money at Grant-Maintained Schools 1994-95 (HC 768)
  • Metropolitan Police Service: Responding to Calls from the Public (HC 753)

August 1995

  • Sale of DTELS (HC 725)
  • Ministry of Defence: Eurofighter 2000 (HC 724)
  • The Department of Trade and Industry’s Support for Innovation (HC 715)
  • HM Customs and Excise: Checking Claims for Repayment of VAT (HC 703)
  • The Meteorological Office Executive Agency: Evaluation of Performance (HC 693)
  • Ministry of Defence: Procurement Lessons for the Common New Generation Frigate (HC 692)

July 1995

  • Property Holdings: Acquisition of Freehold Property (HC 570)
  • Evaluating the Applications to Run the National Lottery (HC 569)


June 1995

  • The Banking Service Provided by the Office of HM Paymaster General (HC 513)
  • London Docklands Development Corporation: The Limehouse Link (HC 468)
  • A Review of the Financial Controls over Indirectly Funded Operations of the Metropolitan Police Service (HC 462)

May 1995

  • Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 1994 (HC 436)
  • Protecting and Presenting Scotland’s Heritage Properties (HC 430)
  • Ministry of Defence: Management of the Capital Works Programme (HC 417)


April 1995

  • Medical Research Council: Sale of the Mount Vernon Site, Hampstead (HC 363)
  • Department of Social Security: Purchase of Postal and Courier Services (HC 362)
  • Department of Employment: Financial Controls in Training and Enterprise Councils in England (HC 361)
  • Administration of Retirement Pensions (HC 360)
  • National Health Service: Outpatient Services in England and Wales (HC 359)
  • Sale of County Hall (Riverside Building) to Shirayama Shokusan Company Limited (HC 314)


March 1995

  • Commission for the New Towns: Disposal of Land and Property Assets (HC 308)
  • Interim Report: PSA Services – The Sale of PSA Projects (HC 306)
  • Ministry of Defence: The Risk of Fraud in Defence Procurement (HC 258)
  • Inland Revenue: Market Testing the Information Technology Office (HC 245)
  • National Rivers Authority: River Pollution from Farms in England (HC 235)
  • IT Security in Government Departments (HC 231)


February 1995

  • Contracting for Acute Health Care in England (HC 261)
  • HM Customs and Excise: Writing off VAT Arrears (HC 209)
  • Entry into the United Kingdom (HC 204)
  • Severance Payments to Senior Staff in the Publicly Funded Education Sector (HC 202)
  • Second Sale of the Government’s Debt in British Telecommunications and the Privatised Electricity Companies (HC 184)
  • Managing to be Independent: Management and Financial Control at Colleges in the Further Education Sector (HC 179)
  • Sale of Forward Catering Services Limited (HC 150)


January 1995

  • Department of Transport: Sale of DVOIT (HC 128)
  • Resource Accounting and Budgeting in Government (HC 123)
  • Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal Service: Scottish Courts Administration Resources in Sheriffs Courts (HC 119)

December 1994

  • Department for Education: Management of Office Space (HC 72)
  • Overseas Development Administration: Management of Programme Aid (HC 68)
  • General Practitioner Fundholding in England (HC 51)
  • The Management of Intellectual Property in The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (HC 15)
  • The Financial Health of Higher Education Institutions in England (HC 13)

November 1994

  • Treasury Management in National Health Service Trusts in England (HC 7)