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NAO reports from the 1998-1999 session onwards are available on the Publications page. Reports from the 1995-96 session are listed below and can be emailed on request to the webmaster at or via our Enquiry Helpdesk on 020 7798 7264.

Reports are ordered in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

October 1996

  • The Award of the First Three Passenger Rail Franchises (HC 701)
  • Good Stewardship: National Audit Office Examinations of Value for Money at Grant-Maintained Schools (HC 697)
  • The Department of Trade and Industry Redundancy Payments Service: Management and Recovery of Debt (HC 695)
  • South and West Regional Health Authority: Disposal of SWift (HC 694)

August 1996

  • Payments to the National Lottery Distribution Fund (HC 678)
  • Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 1995 (HC 677)
  • HM Customs and Excise: The Seizure of Drug Traffickers’ Assets (HC 668)
  • Scottish Enterprise: Financial Management (HC 667)
  • Scottish Enterprise: Financial Management (HC 667)
  • Criminal Legal Aid Means Testing in the Magistrates’ Courts (HC 615)

July 1996

  • The Work of the Directors General of Telecommunications, Gas Supply, Water Services and Electricity Supply (HC 645)
  • Improving Health in Wales (HC 633)
  • Department of Transport: Freight Facilities Grants in England (HC 632)
  • British Rail Maintenance Limited: Sale of Maintenance Depots (HC 583)
  • Motability (HC 552)

June 1996

  • The Management of Space in Higher Education Institutions in Wales (HC 458)
  • National Health Service Supplies in England (HC 457)
  • The Management of Teaching and Research Equipment in Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HC 432)
  • Department for Education and Employment: Financial Control of Payments made under the Training for Work and Youth Training Programmes in England (HC 402)

May 1996

  • Overseas Development Administration: Turkish Universities Equipment Project (HC 401)
  • Progress in Completing the New British Library (HC 362)
  • Ministry of Defence: Initiatives to Manage Technical Risk on Defence Equipment Programmes (HC 361)
  • Department of Trade and Industry: Sale of the Mining Operations of the British Coal Corporation (HC 360)

April 1996

  • Resource Accounting and Budgeting in Government: The White Paper Proposals (HC 334)
  • Construction of Quarry House (HC 333)
  • The NHS Executive: The Hospital Information Support Systems Initiative (HC 332)
  • Home Office Support to Voluntary Organisations (HC 315)
  • The Second Sale of Shares in National Power and PowerGen (HC 310)
  • Overseas Trade Services: Assistance to Exporters (HC 293)

March 1996

  • The Regulation of Gas Tariffs: The Gas Cost Index (HC 287)
  • Highways Agency: The Bridge Programme (HC 282)
  • The Market Test of ED5 (HC 281)
  • Inquiry Commissioned by the NHS Chief Executive into Matters Concerning the Former Yorkshire Regional Health Authority (HC 280)
  • Handling Small Claims in the County Courts (HC 271)
  • Ministry of Defence: Management of Works of Art (HC 248)
  • Civil Legal Aid Means Testing (HC 242)

February 1996

  • Change Management in the Inland Revenue (HC 140)

January 1996

  • Information Technology Services Agency: Outsourcing the Service Delivery Operations (HC 255)
  • PSA Services: The Transfer of PSA Building Management to the Private Sector (HC 130)
  • Ministry of Defence: Management of Fire Risks (HC 129)
  • Management of Telephones in the Benefits Agency (HC 126)
  • Vehicle Excise Duty: Evasion and Enforc ement (HC 120)
  • The Management of Sickness Absence in Her Majesty’s Land Registry (HC 94)


December 1995

  • The Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce: Preventing, Detecting and Acting on Irregularities (HC 78)
  • The Sale of London Transport’s Bus Operating Companies (HC 29)
  • The Protection of Scottish Fisheries (HC 28)
  • Clinical Audit in England (HC 27)

November 1995

  • Scotland’s National Museums and Galleries: Quality of Service and Safeguarding the Collections (HC 14)
  • The Operations of the Student Loans Company Limited (HC 13)