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NAO reports from the 1998-1999 session onwards are available on the Publications page. Reports from the 1996-97 session are listed below and can be emailed on request to the webmaster at or via our Enquiry Helpdesk on 020 7798 7264.

Reports are ordered in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

March 1997

  • HM Customs and Excise: Checking Large-Traders’ VAT Liability (HC 368)
  • The Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors and the Statement of Assurance for 1995 (HC 332)

Feburary 1997

  • Wind up of Leeds and Bristol Urban Development Corporations (HC 292)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Tackling Common Agricultural Policy Irregularities (HC 268)
  • The Department for Education and Employment: Remploy Limited (HC 267)
  • The Contributions Agency’s Customers Charters (HC 266)
  • Sales of the Government’s Residual Shareholdings in BP, BAA and in Other Privatised Companies (HC 265)
  • The Further Education Funding Council for England (HC 223)

January 1997

  • Governance and the Management of Overseas Courses at the Swansea Institute of Higher Education (HC 222)
  • Waltham Forest Housing Action Trust: Progress in Regenerating Housing Estates (HC 207)
  • Ministry of Defence: Management of Utilities (HC 177)


December 1996

  • Ministry of Defence: The Financial Management of the Military Operation in the Former Yugoslavia (HC 132)
  • United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority: Sale of Facilities Services Division (HC 118)


November 1996

  • Aid to Indonesia (HC 101)
  • Health and Safety in NHS Acute Hospital Trusts in England (HC 82)
  • Ministry of Defence: The Supply of Food to the Armed Forces (HC 66)


October 1996

  • National Savings: Financial Reporting (HC 9)