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Susan Ronaldson, Director of Engagement & Change

A trained accountant, Susan now works as Director of Engagement & Change at the NAO and thus offers a different perspective. Why did Susan want to join us in the first place? What’s the culture like? And most importantly, has Susan’s degree in History been more of a barrier or lever to her career?

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Robert O’Donaghue, Audit Technician Trainee

Robert joined the NAO straight after his A-levels. He shares his reasons for joining us and what he likes most about it, and reflects on the day he attended the assessment centre.

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Anna Wydra, Audit Principal

A previous member of our trainee programme, Anna now works as an Audit Principal. As a member of the NAO’s Practice and Quality team, Anna shares insights into her work and the variety of audits she’s undertaken so far. She also defies the myth that one needs a financial degree to have a career at the NAO.

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Suhaib Motala, Auditor

A previous trainee and now fully qualified auditor, Suhaib tells us what made him apply to the NAO, and what advice he would give to others who want to follow his example. Suhaib also shares what he thinks is the best thing about working here.

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Lucy Horitz and Suhaib Motala, Auditors

Our auditors Lucy and Suhaib share their insights into day-to-day life at the NAO, what they like most about working here, and what they didn’t expect when they joined the organisation.

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Dhruve Shah, Audit Manager, and Susan Ronaldson, Director of Engagement & Change

Dhruve, one of our Audit Managers, gives advice on what students should do when they want to join the organisation. He also gives an insight into our training ethos, and is joined by Susan, the NAO’s Director of Engagement & Change, in talking about promotion opportunities.

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