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Report cover showing the Millennium Dome

Winding-up the New Millennium Experience Company Limited

“The process of winding-up the affairs of The New Millennium Experience Company was extremely challenging, particularly given the complexity and scale of the operation. But I am pleased to say that the preparations required before the appointment of the liquidators were accomplished successfully and, on entering voluntary liquidation, NMEC was in better financial shape than when I last reported.”

17 Apr 2002
Report cover showing Portcullis House

Construction of Portcullis House, the new Parliamentary building

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, has published his report on the construction of Portcullis House, the new Parliamentary building. Portcullis House, which provides offices for 210 Members of Parliament and 400 staff together with committee rooms and other facilities, was completed in August 2000 at a cost of £234 million. The NAO … Read more

19 Apr 2002
Report cover

NHS (England) Summarised Accounts 2000-2001

“The NHS is continuing to improve financial control over its budget. I welcome this and the initiatives to measure and take action against fraud.

“The way forward is to continue with improvements to corporate and clinical governance and to ensure that accounting for these large sums presents fully and clearly the financial position of NHS organisations.”

24 Apr 2002
Report cover showing parent and child using a computer

Government on the Web II

“A significant amount of taxpayers’ money is being spent in central and local government in introducing Internet-based services. I have found considerable progress since my previous report in 1999 but weaknesses in information across government on the usage of its web sites, performance indicators to measure progress and methodologies to assess the value added by e-government provision.”

25 Apr 2002
Report cover showing workers fixing a tank

Ministry of Defence: Major Repair and Overhaul of Land Equipment

“I welcome the progress that the Ministry of Defence has made to date in improving its arrangements for the major repair and overhaul of its land equipment. As a priority the Department should address important unresolved issues for achieving its repair and overhaul requirements and the role and future of its in-house provider, the Army Base Repair Organisation.”

26 Apr 2002
Report cover showing lottery balls

Awarding the new licence to run the National Lottery

“The Commission’s decision to award the second licence to Camelot was soundly based. However there are constraints which may deter potential bidders and unless decisive steps are taken there may well be no competitive pressure next time. The Commission and the Department must do all they can to level the playing field and eliminate unnecessary demands on bidders.”

10 May 2002
Report cover showing television aerials on a roof

The BBC: Collecting the television licence fee

“Television licence fee evasion affects all licence payers. Even on conservative estimates the cost of evasion represents approximately £141 million a year, or £6 for each licence payer, that would otherwise be available to the BBC. The BBC has already done much good work to reduce the evasion rate and continues to take steps to strengthen the collection and enforcement arrangements. My report highlights opportunities to make further progress”.

15 May 2002
Report cover showing helicopter at sunset

Ministry of Defence: Helicopter Logistics

“I welcome the progress that the Ministry of Defence has made in improving its logistics support for helicopters. As a priority the Department should aim to develop a consistent regime for measuring outputs and performance and obtain better data in order to give more reliable support to the front line.”

23 May 2002
Report cover showing the European flag

Financial Management of the European Union: Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors for the year 2000

“My report draws attention to ongoing problems in the management of European funds in 2000. The United Kingdom Government has taken a leading role in supporting the reform process which is being put into effect by the European Commission and it is vital it continues to do all it can in this respect, through the Council of Ministers and its other links in the Community. The National Audit Office will continue to give a high priority to examining the way that United Kingdom departments manage Community funds.”

30 May 2002