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Cover of The efficiency of radio production at the BBC

The efficiency of radio production at the BBC: review by the Comptroller & Auditor General presented to the BBC Trust’s Finance and Strategy Committee

The NAO review looked at what the BBC is doing to maximise the efficiency of radio production across its Network and Nations radio stations, focusing on the use of cost comparisons for similar programme types within the BBC stations and with commercial competitors, the BBC’s efficiency plans and the BBC’s assessment of the impact of efficiency initiatives on performance.

5 Feb 2009
Report cover image of five pound coins squeezed in a vice

The Efficiency Programme: A Second Review of Progress

“When I last reported on the Efficiency Programme, nearly a year ago, I concluded that reported efficiency gains should all be treated as provisional. Since then, progress has been made in improving the robustness of how gains are measured. But many reported efficiency gains still carry a significant risk of inaccuracy.

“In this spending period, there is more to do to show that all reported gains are both genuine and sustainable. Looking further ahead the next spending period provides an opportunity to ensure that efficiency is improved across all aspects of the business.”

8 Feb 2007
Report cover showing an electronic tracking device

The Electronic Monitoring of Adult Offenders

“Electronic monitoring represents value for money, providing a cost-effective alternative to custody for offenders who do not pose a risk to the public. However, to ensure that a curfew is effective, it is essential that the contractors and criminal justice agencies work together to ensure that offenders are always tagged promptly and that any breaches of their curfew are dealt with quickly.”

1 Feb 2006
Report cover showing Wembley stadium

The English National Stadium Project at Wembley

“The road to Wembley has not been easy and the Department found itself in a difficult position in 2001. I welcome the action that has since been taken to review the project and protect the public interest. Ultimately protection of the public interest will depend on the project as a whole being a success so it is vital that the Department and Sport England stay in close touch with the project as it progresses and act promptly if they have any concerns.”

6 Jun 2003
Page from report

The English Sports Council Accounts 2000-2001: Costs of Departure of Derek Casey, former Chief Exec of Sport England

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, today reported to Parliament on the costs of the departure of Mr Derek Casey, the former Chief Executive of Sport England. In drawing Parliament’s attention to this matter Sir John has not qualified his audit opinion on either the Sport England grant-in-aid or lottery fund accounts … Read more

23 Feb 2002