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Report cover showing police car

The Estate Strategy of the Police Service of Northern Ireland

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland is facing a formidable challenge in transforming its estate, but work to modernise the estate is leading to visible improvements.

“Progress has been slower than expected, and while the PSNI is taking steps to strengthen its estate management, it still has much to do if it is to deliver on time its five year plan to transform its estate and deliver better value for money.”

15 Dec 2006
Seated person using a laptop

The expansion of online filing of tax returns

The programme to increase online filing of tax returns has made significant progress, but HMRC needs a better understanding of the benefits and costs to customers and how its online filing costs compare to those for paper returns.

11 Nov 2011
Fire equipment

The failure of the FiReControl project

“This is yet another example of a Government IT project taking on a life of its own, absorbing ever-increasing resources without reaching its objectives. The rationale and benefits of a regional approach were unclear and badly communicated to locally accountable fire and rescue services who remained unconvinced. Essential checks and balances in the early stages of the project were ineffective. It was approved on the basis of unrealistic estimates of costs and under-appreciation of the complexity of the IT involved and the project was hurriedly implemented and poorly managed. Its legacy is the chain of expensive regional control centres whose future is uncertain.”

1 Jul 2011
Report Cover for FSA Account

The Financial Services Authority: A Review under Section 12 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

“The FSA has done well in managing the merger from 11 regulatory bodies to become one of the world’s first unified financial services regulators. In doing so, it has created strong and effective structures.

“But the challenge for the FSA is now to move to the next level. It must do more to demonstrate its impact; to get a clearer understanding of how much its different activities cost; and, crucially, to streamline its processes and advice, to benefit industry and consumers.”

30 Apr 2007