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Report cover showing a woman, a computer and digital world

Government on the Web

“The advent of the Internet and World Wide Web challenges all departments to reconsider how they communicate with citizens and organise their business procedures. It offers the potential to achieve very significant improvements in the quality of their services and important financial savings”.

15 Dec 1999
Report cover showing pound coins

Office of Fair Trading: Protecting the Consumer from Unfair Trading Practices

“The Office of Fair Trading and local authority trading standards services are putting a lot of effort into working together, but they must do more if they are to make “joined-up working” happen in practice and ensure consumers’ interests are protected. The OFT could help further this process by giving trading standards a stronger steer on what the OFT expect from them and what they can expect from the OFT in return.”

8 Dec 1999
Report cover showing a credit card and the passing of a baton

Modernising procurement

“This report is not about the faults of the past but the opportunities for the future. Its purpose is to stimulate and encourage good procurement practice. There are bound to be risks associated with changing established practices but I am convinced that these risks can be managed and minimised, fear of such risks should not be allowed to stifle innovation”.

20 Oct 1999
Report cover showing a road, a nurse and a computer keyboard

Examining the value for money of deals under the Private Finance Initiative

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, provided Parliament today with a ground breaking report explaining the National Audit Office’s approach to examining the value for money of deals under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Having already published eight reports on major privately financed projects Sir John said the time was now right … Read more

13 Aug 1999