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Report cover showing AIDS awareness ribbon

International Development: Responding to HIV AIDS

“The HIV/AIDS epidemic has a devastating effect on the lives of poor people in developing countries. The Department for International Development has a clear commitment to respond to HIV/AIDS. The Department should put in place management systems sufficiently robust to ensure that people affected by HIV/AIDS gain the greatest possible benefit from the increasing resources allocated to the epidemic.”

18 Jun 2004
Elderly patient in consultation with doctor

Investigating the impact of out-of-hours GP services on A&E attendance rates: multilevel regression analysis

This series of papers summarises the methodological approaches we have taken in carrying out innovative or novel analysis. Such analysis is conducted under our statutory authority to examine and report to Parliament on the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which government departments and other bodies have used their resources.

The Audit insights papers are methodological summaries and do not make new observations about value for money.

18 Sep 2015