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Cover of Patient Choice report

Patient Choice at the Point of GP Referral

“Enabling patients who are referred by their GPs for hospital treatment to choose where they want to be treated promises to bring benefits to the patients themselves and to the wider NHS. Providing such choice will not be simple, however. The Department of Health must take urgent and effective action to inform and engage with GPs about the new arrangements. GPs’ support may be hard to secure and indeed choice will be hard to deliver successfully by the end of 2005 if the electronic booking system is not largely up and running by then.”

19 Jan 2005
Report cover showing medical staff

Pay Modernisation: A new contract for NHS consultants in England

“Consultants are central to the work of our national health service and deserve to be paid properly for the work that they do. However, the new contract was introduced to benefit not only consultants, but patients and the health service in general. Although a new contract was needed it is regrettable that the costs are higher than expected and that we are not yet seeing any clear evidence of improvements in productivity or services for patients.

“It is important that trusts are clearer about what they need from their consultants and plan within their resources”

19 Apr 2007
Patient discussion

Planning for the Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund is an innovative idea but the quality of early preparation and planning did not match the scale of the ambition. Current plans forecast £314m of savings for the NHS rather than the £1 billion in early planning assumptions.

11 Nov 2014
Report cover showing medicine

Prescribing costs in primary care

“We have found that some small changes in prescribing behaviour can lead to substantial savings for the NHS. All primary care trusts should learn from the best performing PCTs and strive to be as efficient in their own prescribing, making the £200 million in savings realistically achievable.”

18 May 2007