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Autumn 2019

Shale gas fracking (hydraulic fracturing)

The government says shale gas fracking (hydraulic fracturing) has the potential to support greater energy security, economic growth and jobs as part of the UK’s transition to a lower carbon economy. It contends that a strong regulation regime will ensure on-site safety, prevent environmental contamination, mitigate seismic activity and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Following widespread … Read more

Autumn 2019

British Business Bank

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in the economy but sometimes have problems accessing finance. British Business Bank, which launched in 2014, supports SMEs in accessing finance to start and grow their businesses. The study will test whether the British Business Bank is optimally delivering access to finance for small and medium-sized … Read more

Lorries alighting from Ferry

The UK border: preparedness for EU exit update

This memorandum supports the Public Accounts Committee’s examination of the government’s preparedness for ‘no deal’

27 Feb 2019
Autumn 2019

Government support to business

The support that government extends to businesses and industries is substantial and complex, including loans, grants, tax reliefs, training and business advice. Delivering this support is spread across central government departments and local bodies. The European Union provides support to UK businesses of around £3 billion a year. The study will review a sample of … Read more