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Autumn 2019

Management of nuclear-licensed infrastructure projects

The Ministry of Defence (the Department) requires specialist infrastructure, such as docks and assembly facilities, to support its Nuclear Enterprise. In our 2018 landscape report we described the infrastructure environment and listed a series of projects which the Department had underway to upgrade facilities and build what it needs to support the Enterprise. A number … Read more

Autumn 2019

The Equipment Plan 2019-2029

The Ministry of Defence’s (the Department’s) Equipment Plan will set out its equipment and support budget for the period from 2019 to 2029. It includes spending on equipment already in use and equipment in development. It accounts for more than 40% of the Department’s total spending, meaning stability of the wider defence budget depends on … Read more

Early 2020

Defence capabilities: delivering what was promised

The Ministry of Defence’s (the Department) need to deliver new defence capabilities quickly and in full is becoming more urgent due to pressures on resources and rapid developments in technology. Failure to deliver will see capability gaps, overextended use of old assets and extra costs from delays to delivery. Delivering a capability is about more … Read more