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Armoured Vehicles

The recent Integrated Review reconfirmed that armoured vehicles remain a major part of the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) land capability. They are used to provide firepower, mobility and protection for service personnel and undertake reconnaissance. MOD is seeking to modernise and upgrade its armoured vehicles at a combined cost of several billion pounds. The main programmes consist of Ajax, Boxer, Challenger and previously Warrior (which has now been cancelled).  

In March 2021, the House of Commons Defence Committee warned of “mass obsolescence” of the Army’s current fleet and asked the Comptroller & Auditor General to provide independent scrutiny on MOD’s armoured vehicles programmes. 

The study will assess MOD’s performance in managing its main armoured vehicle programmes, providing an update on progress against cost, time, and performance milestones. The study will be the NAO’s first in-depth review of this area of defence spending since 2011, and will cover: 

  • arrangements for managing the portfolio, including strategic oversight and governance; 
  • progress since 2011 on the four armoured vehicles programmes; and  
  • current plans to deliver the programmes, including contractual arrangements and resourcing.