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Carrier Strike: preparing for deployment

Carrier Strike brings together the two biggest ever warships built for the Royal Navy, US-built F35 fighter jets and a new helicopter-based radar system. The Ministry of Defence expects this to provide a step change in the UK’s defence capability. Our 2017 report examined how the MoD was managing its programme to deliver an initial Carrier Strike operating capability by December 2020 and how it was handling the technical, cost and schedule risks reported in 2013. In this report we will look at how the Ministry of Defence is managing the integration of the Carrier Strike’s components and preparing for future deployment of the capability. We expect to cover issues such as:

  • whether the Carrier Strike programme is progressing as planned;
  • whether the Department understands the future costs of operating a Carrier Strike Group; and
  • if the Department has established appropriate arrangements to manage the remainder of the programme