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Developing new models of healthcare through NHS vanguards

In its Five Year Forward View, NHS England set out its intention to develop new models of care in response to increasing demand for healthcare and financial pressure on the NHS. In 2015, NHS England selected 50 vanguard sites to lead the development of five new care models, using a locally-driven approach with frontline staff and support from national bodies. NHS England has spent more than £300 million on the vanguards programme and this funding will end after March 2018.

It is important that the vanguards programme is properly evaluated to assess the impact and to ensure good practices are captured and lessons are learned. Our study will examine whether the NHS is well-placed to build on progress made by vanguards in transformation of health and social care services. We will focus on the following areas:

  • progress made in implementing new care models by the vanguards;
  • support provided by NHS England and other national bodies to assist vanguards;
  • sharing of good practices and lessons from vanguards; and
  • conditions for the successful wider adoption of new care models developed through vanguards.