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Defence: Improving Single Living Accommodation

Single Living Accommodation (SLA) is accommodation provided to single and unaccompanied service personnel, normally by means of a Mess or accommodation block. The effective management and maintenance of SLA is crucial to providing a suitable estate that meets both the needs of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and service personnel, and secures value for money for the taxpayer. As a condition of service and in recognition of their inherently mobile lifestyles, frequently remote bases and terms of service, the Ministry of Defence states that Regular Service personnel should be provided with high quality subsidised accommodation. The 2020 Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey reports that just over two in five (42%) service personnel live in SLA during the working week. In July 2020, the government announced £200 million new funding for the UK Armed Forces’ housing and accommodation.

This study builds on the NAO’s previous work in this area, particularly from 2016 on Service Family Accommodation and Delivering the defence estate, and in 2018 on Ensuring sufficient skilled military personnel. In this study we expect to cover issues such as:

  • whether the MoD has established a cost-effective approach to managing its SLA;
  • if the MoD has SLA of an appropriate standard; and
  • whether the MoD is putting in place appropriate arrangements to transform SLA in the future.