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Investigation into Military Flying Training

The Ministry of Defence must train sufficient aircrew with the right skills to operate its front line aircraft. In 2008, the Ministry of Defence signed a 25-year contract with an industry provider, Ascent, to deliver core flying training for aircrew. The new training was intended to:

  • optimise time in training;
  • close the gap between the skills of aircrew finishing training and the skills needed to use front-line aircraft; and
  • reduce the overall cost of flying training.

We first examined this new training system in our 2015 report, Military Flying Training, and found that implementation had been delayed due to changes in original contract assumptions, such as the expected number of required aircrew. We also concluded that the Ministry of Defence needed to better understand the factors which affect training to better leverage improvements and improve contract incentives. This investigation has been instigated following recent reports on how the training is performing. It will follow-up our previous work and describe progress rolling out the training, how the training is performing and changes made to how the training is managed.