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Palace of Westminster: Restoration and Renewal

The Palace of Westminster, built during the 1800s, houses the UK Parliament. In 2018, the House of Commons and House of Lords agreed to restore and renew the Palace, creating a more open and accessible Parliament, alongside addressing well recognised issues with its maintenance and repair. The Houses agreed to conduct works in a single phase whilst temporarily moving out.  

In November 2019, the Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill received Royal Assent. This describes a Sponsor Body, having overall responsibility for the work, and a Delivery Authority developing proposals and conducting work in line with the Sponsor Body’s requirements.  

This NAO report, produced in the early stages of the restoration and renewal programme, will describe the programme’s background; how it will be managed; and, drawing from previous NAO reports on major programmes, the main risks the Sponsor Body may want to consider as it develops the programme.