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The health and social care interface

The government has made a commitment to integrating health and social care. Local authorities and local health bodies have been attempting to improve joint working across health and social care for many years, including through a range of initiatives such as the Better Care Fund, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, the New Care Models vanguards, and the Integrated Care System pilots.

This piece of work will explore the cultural and structural barriers to local government and the NHS working effectively together, likely to include a look at legislation, different incentives and targets, information systems and data sharing, national initiatives, different planning timetables, difference in governance, management capacity, recruiting and retaining staff, and different working terms and conditions. It is intended as a ‘think piece’ and will bring together recent NAO work in this area, and will draw upon published work by other organisations examining the progress of health and social care integration, supplemented by interviews with representatives from local areas.