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Transforming courts and tribunals: a progress update

In 2016, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) launched an ambitious reform programme to modernise and upgrade the justice system by introducing new technology and working practices across the courts and tribunals system. HMCTS is approximately half way through the reforms and is approaching a critical phase to scale up the delivery of new services and systems to users. It has recently revised its timescales, scope and costs, delaying completion by a year and re-sequencing activity.

We first examined this programme in early 2018, and concluded that given the extent of the plans, there was significant risk that the full ambition of the reform programme would prove undeliverable in the time available. This report will update on HMCTS progress in completing the second phase of reform; and in addition, take an in-depth look into the property elements of reform, specifically HMCTS’s work to reduce the court and tribunal estate.