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The NAO has undertaken research to examine how experienced practitioners have achieved significant improvements in the successful delivery of projects by developing collaborative relationships.

We commissioned Soma Consultants Limited, who have a long track record in the oil, gas and construction industries, to examine how experienced practitioners within these industries have achieved project success through both development and subsequent measurement of collaborative working relationships.

Our research is intended to help share experience from other industries in order to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative working and suggest there are benefits in adopting this approach for the delivery of major defence projects by the MoD and it’s industry partners.

This website provides background to the research and a summary report (Measuring Success Through Collaborative Working Relationships) of the evidence supporting our three key conclusions, that:

  • Strong collaborative relationships go hand in hand with good project performance;
  • Successful collaborative working tailors best practice to specific project circumstances;
  • Measuring relationships can help underpin effective collaborative working.

Using the evidence collected by the study we have developed a web-based framework tool to assist project teams in finding their route towards a successful collaborative relationship.

The tool is based on a four-step approach and is supported by continuous measurement.

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