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Winter 2017

Department for Work and Pensions Estates Management

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) employs nearly 80,000 people in around 900 buildings. DWP’s 20-year PFI contract with Telereal Trillium covers 96% of its estate and expires on 31 March 2018. The end of the contract offers the Department the opportunity to revise its current estate needs and to create a new estate … Read more

Winter 2017

Cross-government funding of research and development

Around £9bn is spent annually on research and development across government. BEIS has overall responsibility for government spending on science, technology and engineering but nearly 30% of science funding comes from other government departments. This study will establish whether departments are well-placed to maximise the impact of government’s investment in research and development by examining … Read more

WInter 2017

Implementing the UK’s Exit from the European Union – DExEU and the centre of government

The NAO has a programme of work across government to look at how government is organising itself to deliver a successful exit from the European Union. This slide pack will be one of a series of factual briefings describing the arrangements being put in place. This briefing will describe the coordination role of the Department … Read more

Winter 2017

Update on the Thameslink Programme

The Department for Transport is sponsoring a £7 billion programme to increase passenger capacity on the Thameslink route through central London. The programme involves the improvement of tracks, signalling and stations, a new fleet of trains and new franchise arrangements for running the passenger service on the Thameslink route. Our previous report Progress in delivering … Read more

Winter 2017

Preparing to exit the EU: the Infrastructure and Projects Authority

The NAO has a programme of work across government to look at how government is organising itself to deliver a successful exit from the European Union (EU). This slide pack will be one of a series of factual briefings describing the arrangements being put in place. This briefing describes how the Infrastructure and Projects Authority … Read more

Winter 2017

Green Investment Bank

The Government created the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) in 2012 to accelerate the UK’s transition to a greener, stronger economy. The GIB invests in green infrastructure projects across the UK, and is designed to form a key part of the UK’s efforts to achieve its legally binding environmental targets. In July 2015, government announced … Read more

Winterr 2017

The BBC’s understanding of its audiences and users

Audience and user insight is critical to the BBC’s success, affecting decisions the Corporation takes about how to spend the majority of its £3.8 billion of licence fee income. Changes in audience behaviour and content consumption, including the growth of online media and the proliferation of platforms and devices, are making comprehensive audience analysis more … Read more

Winter 2017

The higher education market

Government provides £9 billion a year of up-front funding for higher education (HE). As the balance of this funding has shifted away from teaching grants towards tuition fee loans, market mechanisms such as student choice and provider competition play an increasingly important role in supporting public policy objectives including value for money. This study examines … Read more

Winter 2017

Department for Culture, Media and Sport: National Lottery funding of good causes

The National Lottery was launched in 1994 and generates over £1.6 billion per year for good causes. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport sets lottery policy and one if its arm’s length bodies, the Gambling Commission, regulates the National Lottery operator Camelot. In 2016-17 income from National Lottery sales available to good causes has … Read more

Winter 2017-18

Investigation into the circumstances surrounding the monitoring, inspection and funding of Learndirect

Learndirect is a very large commercial further education provider, whose core business is skills, training and employment services. Learndirect receives funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and, in keeping with other further education providers, is subject to inspection by the Office for Standards in Education, Children Services and Skills (Ofsted).  In March … Read more

Winter 2017

Reducing modern slavery in the UK

The Home Office estimates that there were 10,000-13,000 potential victims of modern slavery in the UK in 2013, which includes victims of sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, forced and compulsory labour, domestic servitude and human trafficking. The Home Office introduced the Modern Slavery strategy in 2014 with the aim of significantly reducing the prevalence of modern … Read more

Early 2018

PFI and PF2

Since the introduction of PFI in the 1990’s private finance procurement has provided government departments with around £60 billion of investment. Unlike conventional forms of procurement the use of private finance means that the public sector doesn’t have to pay for the construction of the asset upfront. Instead it transfers construction risk to the private … Read more

Early 2018

Adult social care workforce

The adult social care workforce is made up of over 1.4 million people, with more than 19,000 organisations providing care. This study will look at how central government and other national bodies work with local authorities and providers to ensure there are enough paid care workers, with the right skills and qualities, to meet adults’ … Read more

Early 2018

Delivering STEM skills for the economy

In January 2017 the government set out its intention to ‘boost’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills in the economy. This intention sits at the heart of the government’s flagship Industrial Strategy, which aims to improve living standards and help the economy prosper by increasing productivity and driving growth. This early-stage review will assess … Read more

Early 2018

NHS financial sustainability

The NAO’s November 2016 report on financial sustainability in the NHS highlighted a sharp deterioration in financial performance with providers increasingly reliant on financial support. The plan to close the estimated £22 billion gap in resources by 2020-21 had not been fully tested and there was a lack of incentives to support local NHS bodies … Read more

Spring 2018

Investigation: Capita’s delivery of Primary Care Support Services

In October 2015 Capita Business Services Ltd commenced a 7-year contract with NHS England to deliver Primary Care Support Services. This includes GP pay and pensions, management of medical records, patient registration and maintenance of lists of new GPs. In spring 2016 NHS England and service users identified areas where performance was falling short of … Read more

Early 2018

Low carbon heating of homes and businesses and the Renewable Heat Incentive

To meet the targets in the 2008 Climate Change Act, the energy used for heating in homes and businesses will need to be significantly decarbonised. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been the government’s major programme for decarbonising heat. Under RHI, homes and businesses can apply for subsidies if they install low carbon heating systems … Read more

Early 2018

Department for Education: Converting schools to academies

Converting maintained schools to academies continues to be a key education policy. The Department for Education believes that ‘all schools should benefit from the freedom and autonomy that academy status brings’. Approximately 30% of schools (over 6,400) have so far become academies. Academy trusts take on significant new responsibilities, with extra financial, legal and governance … Read more

Spring 2018

The BBC’s commercial activities

The BBC’s commercial activities support its public service mission by investing in, commercialising and showcasing BBC content around the world. These activities are undertaken with a view to generating profit and other returns, which the BBC uses to supplement the licence fee. This landscape review will be the first study undertaken by the NAO under … Read more

Spring 2018

Financial sustainability of local authorities 2018

The NAO has published two reports on the impacts that major funding changes were having on the financial sustainability of local authorities, most recently in November 2014. Following a further three years of funding reductions the time is right to return to the issue. The study will reassess conditions in the sector and the implications … Read more

Spring 2018

Rolling-out Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a single benefit for working age people both in and out of work, which replaces six existing means-tested benefits and tax credits. It is available to all eligible claimants through the Universal Credit full service. In May 2016, the Department for Work and Pensions started rolling out the full service to jobcentres … Read more

Spring 2018

Transforming our Courts

Government has acknowledged that the justice system is complex, slow and costly. In 2015, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service launched a £1 billion, six year programme of work that aims to: Ensure justice is accessible to those who seek it; Create a system that is financially viable through a more cost-effective infrastructure (physical and … Read more

Spring 2018

Ofsted’s inspection of schools

Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) inspects a wide range of education and skills providers and social care services for children and young people, and regulates providers in some settings such as children’s homes. Through its work, Ofsted aims to raise the standard of education and quality of life for … Read more