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May 1997 – December 1998

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NAO reports from the 1998-1999 session onwards are available on the Publications page. Reports from the 1997-98 session are listed below and can be emailed on request to the webmaster at or via our Enquiry Helpdesk on 020 7798 7264.

Reports are ordered in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

December 1998

  • Catering at Grant-Maintained Schools in England (HC 1153)

August 1998

  • Inland Revenue: Special Compliance Office: Prevention of Corruption (HC 1058)
  • National Savings: Developments in Financial Reporting (HC 1037)

July 1998

  • Office of Electricity regulation: Improving Energy Efficiency Financed by a Charge on Customers (HC 1006)
  • Ministry of Defence: Major Equipment Storage (HC 1005)
  • Department of Social Security: Benefits Agency: Performance Measurement (HC 952)
  • Ministry of Defence: A Case Study of Stores Management in the Ministry of Defence (HC 951)
  • HM Customs and Excise: The Prevention of Drug Smuggling (HC 854)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Intervention Board – BSE: The Cost of a Crisis (HC 853)

June 1998

  • Ministry of Defence: Identifying and Selling Surplus Property (HC 776)
  • Department of Health: Cost Over-runs, Funding Problems and Delays on Guy’s Hospital Phase III Development (HC 761)
  • Ministry of Defence: Sales of the Royal Dockyards (HC 748)

May 1998

  • Managing the Millennium Threat II (HC 724)
  • Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 1997 (HC 695)
  • Department of Trade and Industry: The Sale of British Energy (HC 694)
  • The Forensic Science Service (HC 689)
  • Forestry Commission: Disposal of Forest Land (HC 688)

April 1998

  • The Scottish Office Education and Industry Department: Corporate Governance and Financial Management in the Scottish Further Education Sector (HC 682)
  • Underpayments to Public Service Pensioners on Invalidity Benefit (HC 681)
  • Scottish Higher Education Funding Council: Investigation of Misconduct at Glasgow Caledonian University (HC 680)
  • The Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors for 1996 (HC 679)
  • The Performance of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in England (HC 678)
  • Office of Telecommunications: Countering Anti-Competitive Behaviour in the Telecommunications Industry (HC 667)
  • Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions: Grants to Voluntary Bodies (HC 655)

March 1998

  • Department of Trade and Industry: Obtaining a Benefit for Electricity Customers from the Flotation of the National Grid (HC 651)
  • Department of Trade and Industry: Sale of AEA Technology (HC 618)
  • The Distribution of Lottery Funds by the English Sports Council (HC 617)
  • Audit of Assumptions for the Budget, March 1998 (HC 616)
  • The Purchase of Read Codes and the Management of the NHS Centre for Coding and Classification (HC 607)
  • Water Pensions: Deficit in the Closed Fund (HC 590)
  • Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions: Privatisation of the Rolling Stock Leasing Companies (HC 576)
  • The Monitoring and Control of Tax Exemptions for Charities (HC 575)

February 1998

  • HM Customs and Excise: Reform of Customs Transit in the European Community (HC 566)
  • Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions: The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HC 556)
  • Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions: HM Coastguard: Civil Maritime Search and Rescue (HC 544)
  • Cabinet Office (Office of Public Service): The Sale of The Stationery Office (HC 522)
  • Natural Environment Research Council: Construction of the Southampton Oceanography Centre (HC 494)

February 1998

  • Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions: The Private Finance Initiative: The First Four Design, Build and Operate Roads Contracts (HC 476)
  • The Management of Building Projects at English Higher education Institutions (HC 452)

December 1997

  • The Management of Sickness Absence in the Metropolitan Police Service (HC 413)
  • Ministry of Defence: The Defence Evaluation and Research Agency: Review of Performance (HC 411)
  • Crown Prosecution Service (HC 400)
  • Regulating and Monitoring the Quality of Service Provided to Customers by the Water Industry in England And Wales (HC 388)

November 1997

  • Audit of Assumptions for the Pre-Budget Report (HC 361)
  • The Sale of PSA Projects (HC 345)
  • Department for Education and Employment: Examinations at Grant-Maintained Schools in England 1996-97 (HC 301)
  • HM Prison Service: Prison Catering (HC 277)
  • Inland Revenue: Exchange of Information on Direct Taxation within the European Union (HC 276)
  • Scottish Office Department of Health: Cataract Surgery in Scotland (HC 275)
  • Further Education Colleges in England: Strategies to Achieve and Manage Growth (HC 260)
  • The Management of Growth in the English Further Education Sector (HC 259)

October 1997

  • The PFI Contracts for Bridgend and Fazakerley Prisons (HC 253)

August 1997

  • Ministry of Defence: The Sale of the Married Quarters Estate (HC 239)
  • Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 1996 (HC 238)

July 1997

  • Housing Corporation: Tenants’ Choice and the Torbay Tenants Housing Association (HC 170)
  • Department of Social Security: Measures to Combat Housing Benefit Fraud (HC 164)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Protecting Environmentally Sensitive Areas (HC 120)
  • Department for Education and Employment: Contracting Out of Careers Services in England (HC 113)
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise: Performance Measurement (HC 64)

June 1997

  • Inland Revenue: Employer Compliance Reviews (HC 51)
  • Ministry of Defence: Improving the Efficiency of the Procurement of Routine Items (HC 31)
  • Property Advisers to the Civil Estate: Vacant Office Property (HC 17)
  • The Scottish Office Development Department: Sales of Scottish New Towns’ Commercial and Industrial Properties (HC 14)

May 1997

  • Contingent Liabilities in the Dependent Territories (HC 13)
  • Contributions Agency: The Contract to Develop and Operate the Replacement National Insurance Recording System (HC 12)
  • The Scottish Office Development Department: The Skye Bridge (HC 5)
  • University of Portsmouth (HC 4)
  • Managing the Millennium Threat (HC 3)
  • Charity Commission: Regulation and Support of Charities (HC 2)
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