The disclosure log lists our responses to Freedom of Information (FOI) and Environmental Information Regulation (EIR) requests since October 2022.

The disclosure log doesn’t contain the response to every request we’ve handled, but we want to make the information we hold easily accessible to the public where possible. We also want to show the types of information we can and cannot disclose. We don’t publish personal information as this is exempt from release under the General Data Protection Regulation.

We aim to review and update the disclosure log every six months. We will remove requests and responses from the disclosure log when they are over six years old, in accordance with our records retention policy.

How to use the disclosure log

You can see the responses to the requests for information by clicking the links in the ‘FOI request’ column.

The final column lists the exemption(s) applied where applicable. You can find details of all the exemptions on the ICO website.

Disclosure status

The status column of the disclosure log shows our decision after considering each individual request.

  • Full disclosure: All the information requested was released.
  • Not disclosed: We neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the information requested.
  • Not held: The NAO does not hold the information requested.
  • Partial disclosure: Only part of the information was released to the requester.
  • Withheld: The information requested was either withheld due to an exemption or the information was already available in the public domain.

Further information

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