This page is part of our decision support tool.

This DST takes you through:

  • a number of principles, which apply to the design of any funding model
  • a number of issues to be taken into account in applying the principles
  • a four-stage design process (with defined sub-stages).

On the basis of your decisions at one stage, it gives you options for the next stage. Keep a record of your decisions at each stage and sub-stage. By working through all the stages, or through those stages that deal with issues that you are facing, you will be able to build up the key features needed to shape your relationship with funded organisation(s) – we refer to this as the ‘funding model’ – and to achieve your objectives. The DST is not, however, deterministic, since the range of funding circumstances which it aims to cover is very wide.

Links and notes throughout the DST will take you to more detailed information and references to source documents.

Table of contents

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General Principles