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The application process for funding, whether via grant, grant-in-aid or procurement, is an important tool in providing a‘level playing field’ for TSOs. Small TSOs in particular may be deterred by lengthy or excessively complex processes. Bearing in mind the principle of proportionality, you should consider:

  • the best means of making TSOs aware of the funding opportunity– for example, many government grant funding schemes are now listed on a central website, Lower-value (below £100,000) procurement opportunities are listed on the Supply2gov website
  • the clarity of information provided about the programme, particularly the eligibility criteria for funding
  • the length of application forms
  • the amount of supporting information (e.g. trustees’ reports and financial information) required
  • whether a ‘two-stage’ application or bidding process (an initial sift of applicants based on a short, easily completed form, followed by a more detailed request for information from those selected) should be used
  • the scope for supporting TSOs in making their applications, for example by providing training seminars or telephone helplines, or by providing funding to support TSOs in developing a bid for funding [Footnote 1]
  • the process by which applications will be reviewed or bids evaluated and the decisions documented
  • how to provide feedback or debriefing about the process, particularly to unsuccessful applicants.


  1. It is important to note that such support in making applications must not lead to any competitive advantage over other suppliers, in a procurement process.

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