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More and more local statutory agencies are pooling budgets to provide more joined-up services, for example under ‘section 75’ [See Footnote 1] pooled budget arrangements. When considering decommissioning such services, it is important to understand the implications not just on the prime commissioner but also on those other agencies that have contributed funding for the commissioned service. In such cases, commissioners should take a partnership approach very early on.

Footnote1: Section 75 of the National Health Service Act 2006 allows the pooling of funds where payments may be made towards expenditure incurred in the exercise of any NHS or ‘health-related’ local authority functions. A lead partner may commission services on behalf of the others and partners may combine resources, staff and management structures to help integrate service provision.  The aim is to minimise overlap/gaps in service delivery, increase efficiency, improve value for money and ensure that services are designed to meet the needs of service users.

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