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How to measure and develop collaborative relationships

The Collaborative Relationships best practice model is based on research commissioned by the National Audit Office (NAO) and undertaken by Soma Consultants to examine the impact that the focus on relationships had on project successes.

The research was primarily based within the Oil & Gas and Construction industries and examined the ability to measure success of the relationships within a number of projects. It builds on the NAO “Gold Standard” for project delivery.

Case Studied Projects

Organisations working together in project teams – including suppliers – can apply this learning to measure and improve the effectiveness of their collaborative relationships and so improve project performance.

Whilst expert guidance and tools are needed to follow these steps for maximum benefit, they do offer a simple and powerful approach that can transform project performance.

Step One – FamiliarisationStep Two – VisionStep Three – MeasurementStep Four – Action Plan
Use the Collaborative Relationship Best Practice model as a basis to build awareness and understanding of each other’s organisations ways of working.Understand the critical issues on the project and go on to develop a vision for how the project will be run in all of the areas identified within the Collaborative Relationship Model.Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), based on the Collaborative Relationship model, with a focus on the relationships and interactions between all involved, and identify how to measure them.Agree to commit to action that will deliver these KPIs and embed relationship development and sucess in project plans

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