This page is part of our decommissioning toolkit.

  • Regular timely discussion and no-go areas
  • Use soft measures to drive conversations that improve relationships and hence performance
  • Openess and challenge critical especially for tough projects The case study interviewees talked about how behaviours, what people at all levels said and did every day, were critical to project success.

They invested heavily in getting people to behave in constructive collaborative ways including living up to defined behavioural standards.

  • Clair – Open management of conflict.
  • Andrew – Confront and challenge openly.
  • ETAP – Formalised challenge process enabled good improvements.
  • Britannia – Rule of “All decisions discussable”.

The Gold Standard identifies “regular and timely discussion of all matters that affect the project with no no-go areas” as an enabler of open, trusting and honest relationships. This was supported by the case studied research which identified good listening as critical, together with the need to challenge openly and manage conflict.

A number of examples were given of the positive impact of responding quickly to difficulties arising, by listening and understanding and then planning necessary actions together.

  • E4 – Examples of removing key personnel when behaviour was not inline and senior managers receiving coaching to help them overcome resistance.
  • Andrew – Removing people when out of step behaviour exhibited.

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