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How to measure and develop collaborative relationships

  • Mutual benefit through shared outcome
  • Agreement of parties to a partnership alliance
  • Use gain share as invaluable driver
  • Develop agreement

The research showed that the need for a collaborative approach to projects was driven by a common recognition that success would not be achieved unless all parties worked together effectively.

This may have been because of seemingly insurmountable difficulties e.g. harsh project environments or highly ambitious targets, which effectively forced the projects to use an innovative and or highly collaborative approach.

However, in most cases it was the recognition of the benefits to be gained in terms of improved time deadlines, innovation, quality or cost savings that led all parties to commit to the efforts required.

  • Terra Nova Project – Gain share of 1st year production.
  • Shearwater Project – Alliance Contract focused aligned objectives and elements of risk and reward.
  • Illustrious Refit – Gain share cost saving contract.
  • ETAP – Risk and reward share on high level goals aligned efforts.

The corollary was that the lack of equity or misalignment in reward was identified as a blocker. This was not usually understood and dealt with during the project; rather understanding of the negative impact came with hindsight through lessons learned after the project.

  • Clair – Contractual misalignment between suppliers.
  • Andrew – Gain/Pain share not equitable.

The case studies research suggests that an agreement on the, way of working together i.e. A Partnering Agreement, or an Alliance Charter, supported the requirements of clarifying project purpose and achieving common understanding the projects delivery goals.

Notwithstanding widespread debate on the best form for such documents e.g., contract versus relationship agreement, their existence in any form helps people understand what they need to achieve together and how, and to clarify expectations of all on the project.

  • Andrew – Alliance Agreement all parties signed up to.
  • Terra Nova – Communications Principles set ways of working.

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