This page is part of our decommissioning toolkit.

Use the Collaborative Relationship Best Practice model as a basis to build awareness and understanding of each other’s organisations ways of working.

Project teams use the Collaborative Relationship Best Practice Model as a checklist and organising framework for answers to the following questions:

  1. How does each organisation set-up and approach projects? This includes prime contractors, suppliers, clients – in fact all involved in successful delivery.
  2. What is important to each organisation in delivering projects?
  3. What are the strengths of each organisation and where does each need to improve?
  4. How does this compare to best practice and what can be learned?

This is the process of getting to know the “personality” of each other’s organisations. It requires self knowledge and trust. And where it becomes clear that either of these are insufficient it will take some skilful facilitation to break through.

The outcomes of this joint enquiry are a deeper understanding of own and others’ collaborative capability and a mutual appreciation of the value each member brings to the relationship. This includes those allowable weaknesses on all sides that will need to be dealt with as in any relationship.

Step 1 Example: Framework Completed for One Organisation

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