A constantly evolving economic, political and social environment can significantly impact how government projects are delivered and the outcomes they may achieve. A variety of factors contribute to this complexity and therefore the risks to be managed to increase the likelihood of project success. For example, changing political ambitions can create uncertainty over a project’s relative priority and fit within a broader strategic context. Periods of austerity and sustained price rises can increase the risk costs may exceed budget and create funding uncertainty. 

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The Delivery Environment Complexity Analytic (DECA) aims to provide audit teams and organisations with a tool to help understand the risks arising from the external delivery environment and steps that can help address these complexities. Although every project is unique, the factors which need to be considered are constant. The DECA outlines 12 factors to consider.  

How to use the DECA

To create an environment for success, teams should consider the 12 factors at the earliest stage of a project and then continually throughout. The Infrastructure and Projects Authority has included the DECA in its Infrastructure Procurement Routemap which comprises a best practice guide and toolkit.  

We first published the DECA in 2013. We have published this refreshed version so the narrative and terminology better align with current practices and reflect feedback from those using the DECA. We have also updated with more pertinent and relative examples.