Background to guide

Our work over the last decade has shown that government’s attempts at digital transformation have had mixed success. This means the underlying inefficiencies that contribute to future costs are not addressed.  

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The technology community in government is often expected to drive transformation. However, most digital change decisions are made by senior business leaders in government. They make decisions on digital matters such as funding and the scope of programmes. The success of these decisions requires that business leaders in government demonstrate the digital fluency necessary to make the best choices and understand the consequences of their decisions.

Scope of the guide

This guide can support audit and risk committees and senior leaders tasked with overseeing large-scale digital change to understand the core issues and pitfalls to avoid. We have identified seven areas where the more persistent obstacles stand in the way of successful digital transformation in government and have grouped them into three themes:

  • Constraints of the existing environment
  • Under-estimating the scope of early work
  • Lack of skills and leadership

For each theme our guide provides a series of questions that audit and risk committees can raise.