The Building Public Trust Awards recognise outstanding corporate reporting that builds trust and transparency. This interactive document illustrates a range of good practice examples across annual reports in both the public and private sector.

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Now in their 15th year, the public sector award is sponsored by the NAO in conjunction with PwC. During judging we identified a range of good practice examples and illustrate a number of these in this interactive document.

In 2017 the public sector award for excellence in public sector reporting was won, for the second year in a row, by Network Rail. Kate Mathers, Executive Leader at the National Audit Office, sits on the judging panel for the awards. During the judging process, we identified a number of examples of good practice from the 50 public sector annual reports and accounts reviewed, plus those short listed from the private and third sector. This interactive pdf summarises the judging criteria based on the principles of a good annual report. The guide highlights examples of “what good looks like” in reporting on strategy, risk, operations, governance, success measures, financial performance, people factors, external factors and ensuring the report is understandable to its users.