Background to the guide

Agile ways of working emphasise flexibility and iterative delivery for certain types of change. Understanding what is appropriate assurance over the management and control of Agile change, in this context, is crucial. Agile is often cited as being different compared to situations where more ‘traditional’ and familiar governance arrangements are in place. This implies a looser way of governing for Agile that is not justified.

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Scope of guide

We have produced this guide to help Audit and Risk Assurance Committees (ARACs) ask appropriate questions of their organisation’s management when undertaking large-scale digital change programmes using agile methodologies.

Our aim is to support ARACs and senior leaders who may feel that Agile introduces uncertainty and relative novelty to large-scale digital business change. We want to help them understand and appropriately question the senior management and governance bodies of Agile development and delivery within their organisations. Our guide is intended to shine a light on the issues that arise and questions to ask when Agile approaches in general are applied beyond software and technology development to more extensive digital business change programmes.