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National Audit Office report: Departmental Overview: Department for HM Treasury 2017-18

Departmental Overview: Department for HM Treasury 2017-18

This Overview summarises the Department’s responsibilities on how it spends its money and its key developments of work.

NAO is publishing a suite of Departmental Overviews, one for each government department and a selection of cross-government issues, to assist House of Commons Select Committees and Members of Parliament.

This Departmental Overview is designed to provide a quick and accessible overview of the Department and its performance over the last year. The report focuses on the Department’s responsibilities and how it spends its money, key developments in its areas of work and findings from our recent reports.

For further information about the guide, or the NAO’s work, please contact our press office on +44 (0)20 7798 7400 or email

December 2018



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Published date: December 12, 2018